Apr 17,2014
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Apr 5,2014
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u kno

Mar 29,2014
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just some yuris to start yr day

Mar 28,2014
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past and present selves
2007, 2011, 2014
i am disgusting

Mar 26,2014
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Mar 22,2014
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sketches from yesterday and a WIP

Mar 20,2014
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To launch the introduction of the books I’ve been binding to my Etsy store, I’m holding a giveaway! 

1st Prize:

  • one 11x15.5cm hand-bound coptic-stitched book of your choice from my shop
  • two art prints
  • and a postcard pack.

2nd Prize:

  • three 14.9x10.5cm soft-cover saddle-stitched notebooks
  • one art print
  • and a postcard pack.

3rd Prize:

  • two 14.9x10.5cm soft-cover saddle-stitched notebooks,
  • and a postcard park.

Rules & Conditions

  • Runs from 20/03/2014 — 24/04/2014.
  • Like and reblog to enter. You can reblog multiple times, but please consider your followers’ dashboards!
  • No giveaway only blogs.
  • Winners are picked with a random number generator. (First draw wins first prize, etc.)
  • This giveaway is international. 
  • Please be contactable, either by having your ask box open, or another means of contact clearly displayed. I’ll message you about postage details.
  • Best of luck!
Mar 20,2014
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hello it seems to be 4 am again

Mar 19,2014
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misc sketchbook shit

Mar 19,2014
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stuff from Saturday

Mar 4,2014
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4:30 A M

Feb 21,2014
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Feb 19,2014
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boring studies + the cover of my new sketchbook

Feb 19,2014
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drawings from monday and tuesday

Feb 14,2014
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i couldnt resist.